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The Lake Nona Institute is a non-profit, community-focused organization inspiring healthy, sustainable communities of the future.

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Our Initiatives

Working together with partners such as Cisco, GE, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, GuideWell Innovation, Florida Hospital, Technogym, JIYO, Siemens, Nemours and Sleepscore, the Lake Nona Institute is researching and analyzing information on human, physical, and environmental elements in real-time to better understand the interaction and effects of the built environment and lifestyle behaviors on human wellbeing. Current research projects led by the Institute include:

Lake Nona Life Project

A modern day Framingham for wellness.

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A Wellness Home built on Innovation & Technology.

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Lake Nona Impact Forum

The Lake Nona Impact Forum is an invitation-only event that convenes over 250 thought leaders from around the globe in leading-edge and provocative conversations about health innovation.

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