Health & Wellness

Initiative Overview

The Lake Nona Institute, along with its collaborative partners, seeks to develop a strategic architecture for a new health and wellness ecosystem designed to support optimal health within Lake Nona and as a global model. We believe that individuals can have a profound impact on their own personal health and wellness, as well as on the community at large. The Institute’s mission is to amplify this green-field opportunity by working with residents and businesses to create a living lab where new initiatives can be activated and studied to promote measurable impact.

Initiative Goals

  • Reduce RealAge by 10 percent
  • Advance health awareness
  • Develop sustainable practices across the community
  • Measurably improve modifiable risk factors
  • Reduce rates of chronic disease
  • Enhance aging in place

Program Director

Gloria A. Caulfield

Program Director, Health & Wellness

Gloria Caulfield leads health and wellness strategy and planning for the Lake Nona Institute. Passionate about innovating pivotal health and wellness solutions, Gloria manages corporate partnerships in the Lake Nona community to advance research, technology and new solutions for improved quality of life. Read More »

Health & Wellness Programs

US Ignite

Initiative: Sustainability
Partner: US Ignite


Initiative: Health & Wellness
Partner: Healthbox

GuideWell Innovation Center

Initiative: Health & Wellness
Partner: GuideWell

Cisco Smart + Connected Communities

Initiative: Health & Wellness
Partner: Cisco


Initiative: Health & Wellness
Partner: GE

Lake Nona Life Project

Initiative: Health & Wellness
Partner: Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions Inc.

Lake Nona Medical City Research Council

Initiative: Health & Wellness
Partner: Lake Nona Institute