Ecomagination is a shared commitment to developing technologies that reduce our consumption of natural resources.

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“GE’s Ecomagination Kitchen is a suite of refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing with the potential to reduce kitchen electricity use by up to 20 percent.”

— GE

Ecomagination is GE’s commitment to imagination and building innovative solutions for today’s environmental challenges while driving economic growth. Established in 2005, GE’s Ecomagination program has been at the forefront of resource productivity solutions. Ecomagination technologies are at the cutting edge of resource productivity.

In Lake Nona’s Laureate Park neighborhood, new single-family homes will be built with the GE Homes Inspired by Ecomagination program that provides reductions of at least 20 percent in energy, emissions and water usage in every home.

Among GE’s innovative products to be showcased in new Lake Nona homes are its state-of-the-art Nucleus energy manager; the residential EV charging station, the WattStation; GE’s innovative hybrid heat pump water heater; and the GeoSpring, which typically saves families up to 62 percent annually on home energy costs.

Additionally, GE will make other energy-efficient products available to Lake Nona residents, including:

  • GE Energy Star Appliances (refrigeration, laundry, water heater)
  • GE CFL Lighting
  • GE Smart Thermostat
  • GE Water Filtration
  • GE Load Centers, Circuit Breakers and Surge Protectors