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Reading Plus is a web-based program serving students in third grade and up that transforms how, what, and why students read while broadening interests and building knowledge.

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“Reading Plus usage was associated with highly significant increases in reading proficiency scores as measured by Pearson’s nationally normed Group Reading Assessment Diagnostic Evaluation (GRADE™) in 2014.”

— Reading Plus

Reading Plus®/Taylor Associates is the leading producer of silent reading assessments and remediation solutions offering unique, patented products, technology, and implementation strategies that build the foundation for academic, vocational, and real-world success. Reading Plus®/Taylor Associates are dedicated to producing research-based products that help students of all ages become better readers and independent learners.

Reading Plus® has partnered with Lake Nona to bring its unique reading assessments and solutions to the entire community – where they have already spent over 25,000 hours of personalized learning. These initiatives are just part of Lake Nona’s revolutionary educational experience. With three major state universities and colleges, several research facilities, and early learning through high school opportunities, Lake Nona is a platform for improved educational practices.