Lake Nona Life Project

Apr 1

Kicking off this year, Lake Nona is embarking on a new multi-generational study focused on community health and wellness. Residents and those who work in Lake Nona will have the unique opportunity to participate in this place-based study that will seek to better understand the factors determining our overall wellbeing. The project will assess how a community like Lake Nona, designed with health and wellness in mind, can positively affect the wellbeing of its residents and employees.

As the Framingham Heart Study, now in its third generation of participants, has provided ongoing cardiovascular research and invaluable heart health findings, the Lake Nona Life Project will significantly change the way we look at our lives on a broader scale – within Lake Nona neighborhoods and as an example for others around the world.

The Lake Nona Life Project is an opportunity to dramatically improve our quality of life – now and in the future.

“The Lake Nona Life Project team is excited to be working in this innovative community,” said Ron Kessler, McNeil Family Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School and Chair of the Lake Nona Life Project Scientific Advisory Board. “By monitoring the integration of new technologies and cutting-edge lifestyle programs we will be getting a glimpse into the future of health and healthcare in the 21st Century.”

Participating in the Lake Nona Life Project is relatively easy and completely voluntary. You must work or live in Lake Nona and be willing to take a simple survey about your health and lifestyle choices approximately once a year. Of course, everything is kept strictly confidential and all participants will have complete control over their level of involvement and have the ability to leave at any time.

The thousands of residents and employees who contribute to this study have an unprecedented opportunity to gain new insights into the effects of lifestyle on health and well being that can help future generations. The project is designed to be part of our community’s legacy of sharing what we learn about living well.

Together, we can live longer, live better, live well.

If you’re interested in taking part in the Lake Nona Life Project, sign up today at and complete the first step, the Community Count, by clicking on the Participate tab. Or you can call the project at (407) 722-7257 either to ask questions or to sign up. Questions can also be directed to the project at