Profiles in Innovation: Dais

Feb 2

There¹s excitement around the country about the expanding network of Google Fiber¹s high-speed Internet connected cities, but Lake Nona has had gigabit fiber connection for years, thanks to Dais Technologies.

In addition to installing the gigabit fiber network which provides one of the world¹s fastest internet speeds to Lake Nona, Dais has recently installed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to increase indoor cellular coverage and data capacity in smartphone technology. The DAS network will deliver always-on wireless service for thousands of doctors, patients, employees and students in Lake Nona Medical City. And the system will soon expand to the Outdoor Distributed Antennae System (ODAS), which will provide amplified coverage to the full 7,000 acres of Lake Nona.

The Lake Nona residential, commercial and medical community is developing quickly, and Dais is providing the best and most sophisticated technology to ensure this growth.

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