Cisco Smart + Connected Communities

A Smart+Connected Community is designed with technology at its core to improve the efficient management of city operations and the development and delivery of new services to residents.

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“Cisco is proud to partner with Lake Nona on this important first iconic city initiative in the US that will help transform how cities are built, managed and experienced.”

— Anil Menon, Cisco

Cisco Smart+Connected Communities solutions use intelligent networking capabilities to provide the information and services needed to address community challenges, including the way we connect today in burgeoning, urbanized communities.

Cisco designated Lake Nona as its first US-based iconic Smart+Connected Community believing it can become a global role model, most notably for the community’s focus on gigabit connectivity network.

Smart technology solutions to be delivered across the entire Lake Nona community will include integrated data, voice and wireless services, fiber to the home, digital signage, common area IP video surveillance, energy management systems and unified communications and video. An integrated urban plan will enable seamless information exchange between services, fulfilling the need for increased security, energy conservation, enhanced productivity and a digital lifestyle.

Under Cisco’s program, Lake Nona will become a beacon for other communities inspiring improved connectivity among its residents.