Healthymagination is a shared commitment to creating better health for more people.

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“So far, GE’s Healthymagination program has raised more than $4.2 billion for research and development.”

— Cisco

Healthymagination is GE’s commitment to invest in innovations that bring better health to more people. The program works to make measureable progress in increasing health care technology and product affordability, improving quality and providing better access to healthcare professionals to help them deliver better care.

In Lake Nona, the GE Healthymagination products will have a great impact on the wellness of residents and empower them with the ability to create healthier bodies, homes and communities.

Among the products slated for inclusion in Lake Nona residences are:

  • GE’s germicidal lighting, which kills bacteria and mold
  • GE’s InBody, a device measuring body composition
  • GE’s healthy microwave featuring a MyPlate button, which helps easily select foods from the new USDA guidelines for healthy food preparation.