Lake Nona Life Project

Lake Nona Life Project is a comprehensive, multi-generational research project that will seek to better understand the factors that determine our overall wellbeing.

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“This first-of-its-kind study has the opportunity to make life-changing contributions to how we understand health and wellness.”

— Gloria Caulfield

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The Lake Nona Life Project is a comprehensive, multi-generational community health and wellness research project of the Lake Nona Institute, carried out by Lake Nona Medical City researchers and partners with founding sponsorship from Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions. The Lake Nona Life Project will assess how a community such as Lake Nona, designed with health and wellness in mind, can positively impact the wellbeing of its residents and employees.

The Lake Nona Life Project represents a major investment by the scientific field. Just as the famed 1949 Framingham Heart Study advanced our understanding of heart health years ago, the Lake Nona Life Project will significantly change the way we look at our lives on a broader scale – within our neighborhoods and as an example for others around the world.

Imagine a time when chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes are significantly reduced. When we truly understand the link between stress and sleep deprivation. When we know what to eat and how to exercise to significantly change our level of happiness.

“The Lake Nona Life Project offers a rare chance to study wellness on a larger scale and care for individuals and communities one person at a time,” said Sanjay Gupta, president of Wellness + Prevention, Inc. “By looking at and assessing the habits that make up our daily routines, we can guarantee a better tomorrow.”

The thousands of residents and employees who contribute to this study have an unprecedented opportunity to gain new insights into the effects of lifestyle on health and well being that can help future generations. The project is designed to be part of our community’s legacy of sharing what we learn about living well.

If you are a resident or employee in Lake Nona and you’re interested in taking part in the Lake Nona Life Project, sign up today at and complete the first step, the Community Count, by clicking on the Participate tab. Or you can call the project at (407) 722-7257 either to ask questions or to sign up. Questions can also be directed to the project at