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US Ignite fosters the creation of next-generation Internet applications that provide transformative public benefit.

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“We believe that we have only scratched the surface of what can be done with a gigabit of bandwidth.” We were eager to join forces with the US Ignite partnership and share best practices from across the US Ignite network of communities and partners.”

— Thad Seymour, Jr., President of Lake Nona Institute

US Ignite is an independent, non-profit partnership working to provide transformative public benefit by “igniting” the development of next-generation Internet applications and services for American businesses and families.

Lake Nona is a charter member of US Ignite thanks to its high-speed technology infrastructure including a no-limits network that is open to multiple providers delivering reliable, high-speed service. Lake Nona is also one of the only communities in the US to have successfully deployed a gigabit network, providing speeds up to 100 times faster than standard cable or DSL services.

The partnership with US Ignite allows Lake Nona to continue exploration and development of future innovations while actively engaging with other gigabit communities across the country.