Russell Greenfield Joins Lake Nona Institute as Senior Medical Advisor

Jul 2

Russell Greenfield Joins Lake Nona Institute

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the newest member of the Lake Nona Institute team.

As the Lake Nona Institute’s Senior Medical Advisor, Russell Greenfield, M.D., will collaborate on a wide range of health and wellness strategies, including the Lake Nona Life Project and the Intelligent Home initiative. Dr. Greenfield will also serve as a 2016 Advisory Board Member for the Lake Nona Impact Forum.

An emergency physician by training, Dr. Greenfield recognized early on in his career the pitfalls of the health care system, and has since worked to be part of the proactive wellness solution. He is excited to be part of the Lake Nona Institute and join a diverse group of open-minded professionals to help move the needle on changing our health care system for the better.

“Many people talk the talk, but few people actually walk the walk,” Dr. Greenfield notes. “Lake Nona offers the promise of proof of concept. What of you really could create a healthy community? What can be learned and shared with communities all over the world? Lake Nona is a fertile opportunity to learn what might work, with the ultimate goal being to support peoples’ health in order to meet their true potential.”

Dr. Greenfield currently serves as Clinical Professor of Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine and Medical Director for PurThread Technologies, Inc., which develops proprietary antimicrobial technology for use in health care and home textiles such as linens, scrubs, shopping bags and athletic gear. He is also President and Medical Director of Greenfield Integrative Healthcare, PLLC and Greenfield Consulting, where he advises individual patients on integrative approaches to health and serves as a health and wellness consultant to businesses and other institutions. He is also a consultant for the VHA Whole Health Program and part of the Scientific Advisory Board for Galen Biosciences.

Since 2008, Dr. Greenfield has served as a consultant with Dr. Andrew Weil to help make meaningful and sustainable improvements to our health care system.

Dr. Greenfield is a graduate of Brandeis University and earned his medical degree from The Chicago Medical School. He completed an internship, residency and fellowship in emergency medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He also completed a two-year fellowship program in integrative medicine at The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. He is licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina and has board certification from the American Board of Emergency Medicine.