Stream Health 2014

Sep 11
  • Date: Sept. 7-10, 2014
  • Location: Lake Nona Medical City

Named by WIRED as “one of the world’s best tech conferences,” Stream began as a series of digital sessions attended by the brightest creative, tech and media leaders. Aligning with the event’s free-form structure, Stream Health 2014 organizers turned to Lake Nona as its venue. Unlike most conventions, this four-day “un-conference” at Lake Nona featured open communication and collaborative contributions from its attendees instead of regimented panels.

As part of the event, the Lake Nona Institute was honored in an informal award ceremony and interactive discussion on creating a wellness community with Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC) President Mary R. Grealy, GlaxoSmithKline’s SVP of Clinical Effectiveness Ralph Horowitz, Harvard Medical School Professor of Health Care Policy Ron Kessler and Lake Nona Institute President Thad Seymour. Lake Nona was named the 2014 HLC Wellness Frontiers Award recipient in recognition of the community’s health and wellness best practices.